Once upon a time in Guernsey

On a  meandering cliff walk at Jerbourg

I couldn't help but be bowled over by the blindingly beautiful, sparkling sea. There was something very special about the light that day and how it skipped along the water making little sparkly glints. I took the photo above with my phone - but it doesn't do it justice. Other people were stopping in their tracks as well so I know it wasn't just me. Amazingly beautiful and the inspiration behind the crosses that feature in many of the inkling designs. By the way, come and see Guernsey, or any of the Channel Islands, they're gorgeous.

The paint used for screen printing is known as ink so inkling sounded like a good name. I sketch, then design using Adobe Illustrator and when that's done the design is committed to a permanent silk screen. Each homeware item is entirely handprinted (in my kitchen/studio). A printing session normally produces between 10 and 20 prints. Anyway, that's all I can fit in my kitchen as I run out of hanging/drying space!

I use 100% cotton and eco friendly water-based ink.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
— Jacques Cousteau