Christmas cooking covered


Crosses, glints, the initial inspiration from the sea look unexpectedly Christmasy (is that a word?) It was so fun to print on black, more of this will continue in the future... A different kind of ink is used to print on dark colours. It's thicker and took a while to find the right technique to work it through the screen. Experimentation runs supreme! Yep, also many unsuccessful prints but that's the challenge. As with all inkling inks used this ink is waterbased and eco-friendly. The new inkling aprons are heavy duty (thick and luxurious) 100% cotton and are available here online or in Guernsey's wonderful store in St Peter Port, Indica. 



Did a little collaborating this week with Printed. A very nice customer wanted to put custom wording on my crosses design for her daughter who was leaving Guernsey to live overseas. The great folk at Printed helped me out with the tagline. Very happy with the result and so was the customer. Her daughter will have a reminder of her Mum in her new kitchen a long way from home and that's a wonderful thing. The crosses are handprinted by me and the tagline is a vinyl print. Handprinting the tagline would have meant making an expensive screen just for one line of letters so it made economical sense to do a vinyl print. Looks fab and so fun to provide something custom made.